All descriptions of details listed below are included in the base packages. Extras can be added for an additional fee. For details, please call 208-376-4366.

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Interior Detail Package, Boise Idaho

Basic Interior Detail Package:

This process starts with us de greasing your door jams and thoroughly pressure washing to properly clean them. This tends to make a mess on the outside so we also do a complimentary hand wash on the outside of the vehicle. Moving to the inside, we remove all excessive debris and perform a thorough vacuuming followed by shampooing and or steam cleaning all carpets and seats including the trunk area if applicable. Next, we clean all components of the interior including dash, center console, glove box, door panels headliner and under the seats. This process is done by with a variety of techniques including compressed air, brushes, foam, steam and cleaning products. Following a good cleaning, we coat the interior with a water based UV protect ant dressing (ceramic coating available). Finally, we finish up with your windows, wipe out your door jams and do a final vacuum. (no harsh chemical smell or residue left behind)
Interior Before
Interior Before
Interior Before
Interior After

Our basic interior detail packages start at $179.99 to $300 depending on size, condition and desired outcome of vehicle. (in person quotes available)

Added options including: leather condition, scotch guard and ceramic coating can be added at extra cost (free quotes available)

Q: Will the vehicle be dry when we pick it up?

A: Depending on heavily soiled it is there may be more excessive shampooing which can result in longer dry time. Climate and length of stay can also be a factor. If needed we can keep longer and apply blowers to assure proper drying.

Exterior Detail Package, Boise Idaho

Basic Exterior Detail:

All exterior details start with us using a de greasing product to help break down contaminants like bugs and common dirt, grease and grime. We then us a variety of product to clean your wheels ant tires removing all dirt and brake dust with our brushes and micro fiber wash mitts. We then pressure wash and do a hand wash to remove all common contaminants including bug droppings, water spots, tar and iron deposits (if excessive contaminants added charges may apply). After a thorough prep job, we perform a machine polish to enhance the paint gloss followed by a polymer hand sealant (ceramic coating available and paint correction available). Finishing up we dress all plastic and rubber, clean your windows and wheels.

Our basic exterior details start at $179.99 to $300.00 depending on the size of vehicle, paint condition and level of paint reconditioning desired. (free quotes available)

Exterior Before
Exterior After

Added options include: Ceramic Coating, Paint protection film, Paint correction (cut, polish, wet sand) headlight restoration, decal removal, paint splatter/ tar removal, water spot removal, rubberized undercoating/ dry ice blasting,

Q: What is paint correction?

A: This is a process of re finishing your paints clear coat. This is performed with a variety of polishing pads, compounds and polishes, and machine buffers to get a desired outcome removing paint defects like scratches, swirls and oxidization. This should only be performed by trained professionals as great harm can be done to your paints finish.

Full Detail Package, Boise Idaho

Basic Full Detail Package:

This package is a combination of our Interior Detail Package and Exterior Detail Package and also includes steam cleaning the engine compartment followed by dressing of all plastics and rubber inside. This basic Full Detail Package includes a single stage polish and a polymer hand sealant on the outside.

Our basic Full Detail Package stars at $279.99 to $379.99 depending on size, condition and desired outcome. (free quotes available)

Added options include: Ceramic Coating (interior, exterior, wheels/calipers and glass coating available), Paint protection film, Paint correction (cut, polish,wet sand) headlight restoration, decal removal, paint splatter/ tar removal, water spot removal, rubberized undercoating/ dry ice blasting, scotch guard and many others.


Ceramic Coating, Boise Idaho

2 plus year Ceramic Coating Package:

Cost for coating starts at $599.99 depending on size of vehicle.

4 plus year coating package:

Cost for Coating starts at $999.99

(Interior or Full detail packages can be include but this is cost for coating only and does not include exterior detail, polish and or paint correction)


Q: Can you just coat my car without doing a detail or paint correction?

A: A ceramic coating is a hard coating that will lock in any imperfections in your paint. Even brand new cars have imperfections that typically need some sort of professional attention before getting coated. We highly recommend bringing your vehicle in for a inspection prior to scheduling.

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